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Your Growth Champions,

a partnership through the hiring process and beyond.

What We Do

We are a modernized executive search firm with leading VC partnerships. We possess a deep passion for digital transformation and a diverse network of the top skilled people in the EdTech industry. As your strategic partner, we work with you to accommodate and understand your hiring needs. With clients worldwide, we place high-level executives to individual contributors. We are committed to helping you grow.

How We Work

1. Discovery Call: This call gives us the opportunity to see if we are a match to partner and find out how we can help with your hiring needs. We go over your growth goals and your open positions. We discuss everything from ideal candidates, culture fit, job details, etc.

2. Kickoff Meeting: This is where we go over candidate profiles, search strategy, and map out the interview process. In this meeting, we talk about the candidate experience and all details so we can be the best extension of your brand. 

3. Get to Work: We have a team of researchers and recruiters who actively reach out and recruit around 100-200+ candidates per search from our database, network, and beyond. Our reach-out process is beyond emails and screen calls. Our trained team qualifies the top talent for your role and sends you candidate bios for review. We help coordinate all candidates, throughout the interview process. Keeping you in the loop along the way, with your top candidates.

4. Communication: As we move these candidates through the process, communication and feedback are key, the more details the better! We help collect and check references. Once you are down the line with your stellar new candidate, we facilitate the offer stage and any negotiations necessary.


5. Celebrate: Lastly, we celebrate your new hire! We then check in periodically to make sure things are running smoothly.

Proven Benefits + Tested Results


Proudly proven track record of 91% success rate of completed, hired, and retained talent in the edtech industry.


All reward, no risk! Our placement guarantee allows you to move freely through the hiring process knowing that your team's growth is at the core.


From seed stage to mid-size companies, we offer flexible payment models to fit each company's needs.

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