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3 Important Tips to Combat the Great Resignation

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

It seems like the “Great Resignation” is all anyone can talk about these days. And as a result,

businesses large and small are fighting hard to adjust to the recent changes in the workforce. More so than ever, employees are seeking ideal work conditions—with more emphasis on company culture, employee growth, and role autonomy. Everyone is looking for the secret sauce and many companies are turning toward the hybrid model to oblige. And we are here to point out 3 key tips to consider as you and your company respond to this shift in the workforce.

Create a company culture that goes beyond the status quo

Of course, the work-from-home option is important to offer to your employees, but that is just a start. More importantly, remember that your employees are people. And people help make up your culture. After the pandemic, many employees took a hard look at the organizations asking them to return to the office as if nothing had happened. The era of the Great Resignation is an opportune time for organizations to understand why their employees may be asking about a hybrid work model. And it’s more about change and creating a culture that isn’t one-size-fits-all. We know that no one person is the same. Today’s workforce is about actually living out the company mission and values, putting your employees’ needs first, and having options for those employees to thrive working remotely.

Communicate company vision and employee growth

Today, employees are just as much concerned about their individual roles as they are the

bigger picture of the company. Facilitating open conversations about employee’s hopes and

goals—and how they can fit into your company’s broader context is another great tool for

retention. Ushering these conversations further helps connect your employees to your company in a way that is mutually beneficial. Coach your employees in setting self-improvement goals that build up the rest of the company simultaneously. Helping professionals see their future aligned with your company is an organic way to retain promising leaders and grow from within.

Keep your best practices

This may seem a bit like common sense, but it must be stated. Keep your best practices.

Employers should have been cultivating cultures in which employees flourish long before the worries of the Great Resignation. And we know it is much easier to be proactive than reactive. When in doubt, frequently consider the needs and concerns of your employees. This is where communication resurfaces in our discussion. Building a culture in which employees are empowered to share their concerns as they arise and trust that they will be addressed is crucial. And remember, employees are simply human at the end of the day. Nobody wants to feel that they are falling victim to some generic retention initiative. Simply put, lead with sincerity and make any and all changes from a place of genuine humanity.

At the end of the day, there is no secret sauce. But the common theme is to treat your

employees like people with hopes, dreams, and life responsibilities. The workforce is forever changed as a result of the pandemic as many had time to reflect on their priorities, wants, and needs. And now, more than ever, employers are expected to facilitate a new level of work-life balance. If you want to do a temperature check on whether the Great Resignation will impact your office, simply take a real look at how you are currently treating your employees and if changes need to be made, start by following the tips above. Together, we can create a better workforce!

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