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3 Tips For Attracting Top Talent In 2023

From the pandemic to the Great Resignation and now talks of a recession, the workforce has seen quite a rollercoaster of effects over the past 3 years! We know that the future holds uncertainty, but luckily, we are able to gauge some of the trends we will see top talent searching for in their next company in 2023.


Flexibility is a leading trend in workforce expectations. This has continued to hold true over the past few years and is growing more popular as we look forward. Remote work, hybrid work, and schedule flexibility are quickly becoming the "norm." After much debate from company leaders, the research and numbers have proven that remote work had a higher productivity rate in 2020, 2021, and 2022. Making these flexible options a win-win for both organizations and employees. In addition, workers with schedule flexibility reported 29% higher productivity and 53% greater ability to focus.

The take away: Organizations that can offer hybrid options, work-from-home, and schedule flexibility will better attract and retain top talent.


There is a new wave in the workforce, and that's the entry of Gen Z. (Welcome everyone!) According to Forbes, Gen Z will make up 27% of the global workforce by 2025. This generation has a different set of priorities and expectations, which means that organizations should re-evaluate how they attract and attain top talent.

Our advice: Dedicate space to share your company's story, clear values, benefits, and more. Show folks why they would want to be a part of the team. In addition, create a streamlined onboarding process, from the initial reach out to the offer stage and beyond. If you are looking for some assistance with this, BrightSearch is skilled in growing teams in the EdTech space and can help guide your process.


Salary Transparency is growing in popularity, and we can see why. Around 54% of job seekers decline offers after they find out the salary, feeling as though their time has been wasted. In addition, the percentage of candidates refraining from applying to jobs without a salary range listed is growing. Candidates do not want to waste time with lengthy interview processes, working with multiple hiring managers, only to be presented with an offer below their needs.

How we can help: We have the best pulse on salary in the market and what it takes to get the best candidate, it's part of our job. This means we add value when hunting for top talent and communicating their top needs in sync with your budget. This saves your company time and money. There's no scrolling through hundreds of resumes, no long days filled with zoom call interviews. You receive top talent that is specifically chosen for your company and role. We connect you with candidates that have an interest in your company, are financially attainable, and meet/exceed the requirements for the role. Most importantly, we bring you candidates that show passion for your company's mission.

We are experts in helping EdTech organizations grow their teams. Whether you need to find your Chief Revenue Officer or build out an entire branch, we are here to help! Reach out today to schedule a chat with our Founder and Head of Recruiting, Stephanie Kravitz.


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