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2022 Mid-Year Review - Top Hiring Trends And What We See Sticking

We are officially into the second half of the year! So far in 2022, we have seen some productive and positive trends when it comes to companies attracting and retaining talent. With such a competitive market over the past two years, due to Covid-19 and the great resignation, many business leaders have had to make it a top priority to take a deeper look into their hiring approach. Some trends are sure to stick around as a "new norm" is developing.

Hiring Recruiting Firms

As recruiting specialists, we have a front-row seat to this historic time in hiring. One of the top trends of this year has included companies utilizing recruiting firms to help with their hiring needs. From access to top active candidates ready to make a move, highly targeted and intentional search results, and having an outside source help facilitate the time-consuming process, companies are able to hire and grow with confidence. We have advised our clients to practice specific tactics in 2022 to help them successfully grow their team. The top 5 tactics that have been attracting and scoring these top talent folks have included offering higher pay, making competitive offers quickly, company culture being made a priority, remote and flexible work options, and reviewing an attractive growth plan for candidates. Competitive Benefits Organizations have increased their benefits packages and offerings by over 20% since the Covid-19 pandemic. The increased need for meaningful benefits has been apparent over the past two years due to both employee demand and companies needing a competitive edge. Outside of health and retirement benefits, many organizations are including things like emotional health care, rewards programs, extended maternity leave, and development opportunities. DE&I Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs should be a part of every organization. We are happy to see that this is a growing trend across all industries. Over 70% of organizations are beginning to offer one or more programs including DEI training, implementing guidelines for employees, having an HR consultant available, and using AI systems. This is an important way for organizations to show that they are implementing their values around inclusion. Prioritizing Culture + Passion As you may have read from us before, hiring a candidate that aligns with the company culture and has a true passion for the mission is proving to be more valuable in the long run. Many organizations are choosing to prioritize soft skills and train hard skills needed for the job - like software. The results have shown a positive increase in employee retention, resources saved, and a happier organization for both employees and leadership overall. Is your team looking to grow in 2022? Reach out to hear how we can help!

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