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BrightSearch: How We're Changing the Recruitment Game

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

We believe the next generation of recruiting should be hyper-personalized, responsive, and actionable.

If you are in this space, you are probably already aware of the reputation that the recruiting

industry often gets. This harsh reality is something our founder, Stephanie Kravitz, was actually introduced to by a candidate she was recruiting. As someone passionate about the field of placing qualified candidates in their dream roles, taking off her rose colored glasses was a pivotal moment for Stephanie. This was part of the impetus for the creation of BrightSearch. At BrightSearch, we understand that trust is not something that comes easy in the field of recruitment. But, we are here to change that.

Who is BrightSearch?

BrightSearch is a female-led executive search firm in the Education and Technology (EdTech) Space—we made our splash into EdTech in 2020. BrightSearch has a passion for helping curate exceptionally talented teams and witnessing what they accomplish together. We recruit the top players in the game for organizations seeking the best talent in the market. Specializing in practice areas from Pre K-12, higher education, and corporate learning, we place positions from C-level, executive leadership, and management to individual contributors—and everything in between.

How are we different?

BrightSearch is not your average executive search firm. And we see our differences as the

reason you should work with us. We believe the next generation of recruiting should be hyper-personalized, responsive, and actionable. Below are some of the key characteristics we embody in order to accomplish this:

  • We are modernized

We are a new firm and we take pride in this. We will not try to sell you on the size of our

database or entice you with verbiage on how long we’ve been in business. Instead, we take a

much more personalized approach. Our recruiters are obsessed with client and candidate

experience. We are process-driven and focused on your specific hiring needs.

  • We guarantee our candidates

If the placement does not work for any reason, whether on the candidate or client side, we will replace the candidate at no additional cost. We stand behind our process and our people. Our passion is helping you grow, so we look to provide a truly beneficial client-candidate fit.

  • We are anchored in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

It is so important to us that companies’ reflect the world we live in. This means helping you be intentional about hiring people of all genders, races, religions, and educational backgrounds.

Research has proven that this type of hiring contributes to lower turnover rates and has a

positive impact on company culture as a whole. BrightSearch is here to help you create a

company culture that supports the future of work.

  • We are built on relationships and our growing network

BrightSearch’s goal is to develop a long-lasting partnership with our clients and candidates. And communication is a huge part of this. For our candidates, this means receiving feedback from us even if a placement or interview is unsuccessful. We believe in your talent and know that we may have a better fitting opportunity for you down the road. Therefore, we will always maintain an open line of communication and support. For clients, we work as quickly as you need us to, keeping you informed about potential candidates and data-related feedback.

  • We are knowledgeable and tailored to your needs

We specialize in the EdTech space and pride ourselves in our access to the highest performing leaders in the industry. We do not send our clients piles of resumes and CVs as a tactic for at least one of them to work out. Instead, we work meticulously to find exactly who you are looking for, helping you adequately build for the future. We provide you with our data and feedback during the search process, bringing extensive experience and professionalism to every search.

If you are looking for top talent or you happen to be that top talent, BrightSearch is here to

support you. Simply fill out our contact form and let’s get started discussing your growth!

Content written by Ashley Sowers, Founder of Words and Well

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