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The Top 3 Benefits of Partnering With BrightSearch

Is your company considering using a recruiting firm but has not pulled the trigger? We thought we would offer up some insight, using our client feedback and our BrightSearch team’s expertise, as to how you can benefit from partnering with BrightSearch as your recruiting firm.

Our clients and our team agree that the number one benefit of working with BrightSearch is that we guarantee our placements. This eliminates the risk of hiring and enables your company to focus on what matters. In addition, this shows the commitment BrightSearch has to finding the right fit for your next hire while letting you know we are confident in our abilities. We stand by our process, guaranteeing its success. This leaves all parties involved happy with their investment in the process. (Please note that not all search firms offer a guarantee. We highly recommend verifying this benefit before agreeing to a partnership with another firm.)

The second most discussed benefit of working with BrightSearch is the time and resources that are saved by our clients. We all know the saying, time is money. Our team is continuously networking, building our database, attending industry events, reaching out to top talent in the space, and perfecting our process. This continued practice, along with specializing in the EdTech space, enables us to offer our clients high-quality + qualified candidates. We have created a process that knows the importance of finding a passionate candidate, which is statistically known to be the key attribute that offers the strongest employee retention rate. This is how we enable our clients to hire more efficiently and retain their talent longer. This makes us a crucial resource when hiring.

The third benefit that our clients love is our guidance in the onboarding process during our partnership. We offer to work as both a soundboard and guide to all of our clients. The onboarding process can be overlooked by many companies, not knowing the importance of this process can be detrimental to employee retention. This process starts as early as first outreach, with many employees recalling their first interaction with a company being the initial reach out on a new opportunity. With only 12% of employees believing their organizations are onboarding new hires effectively, we like to do a check-in with our clients. Why? This helps our clients, the candidates, and our team that is working with them. Having a plan in place that both the client and our team are aware of creates a cohesive process that feels thought out from the first phone call to the final interview.

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