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Top 2022 Trends in the Workplace

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

As we quickly approach 2022, our team has been reviewing our data and researching the up and coming trends we see progressing in the workplace. Here is our 3 top picks!

Hybrid + Remote. One of the top trends we all saw become mandatory during the pandemic, but now, is a must have for most employees. We discuss remote work with both of our clients and candidates, it truly is the future of work. To keep up with the competitive market, we suggest our clients offer remote options, whether that is hybrid or fully remote. Not offering these options loses 50-70% of potential candidates.

AI, Automation, Robots. A solution that has become important for growing businesses who cannot find the labor to fulfill thousands of open positions. This new path is enabling companies to implement solutions that allow employees to focus on more "human touch" tasks - like creativity, high-level strategy, and emotional intelligence. How? By creating AI that can take care of repetitive daily tasks.

Recruiting or Staffing that will last. This is such an important factor in changing the workplace and future of work. Companies are investing more than ever in programs and on-boarding that creates a supportive workplace. They are focusing on creating a more inclusive environment, implementing new employees correctly and efficiently, paying wages that their employees can thrive on and being a part of keeping them both happy and healthy.

Looking to grow your team in 2022? We are here to help! Reach out today to find out how we are changing the game in recruiting. #futureofwork

Written Content by Elissa Hastings, Head of Research at BrightSearch

Sources: BrightSearch Research and Data Team, Forbes, LinkedIn

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