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Why Passion Beats Perfection

Passion is a trait that directly affects the output and commitment of your team, it is an essential piece to the puzzle. When it comes to the “requirements” you are looking to have met within a new employee, passion should be at the top of your list.

Why is Passion Such an Important Trait?

Your team is sharing the message of your brand, product, and mission with the world. They are an extension of the company’s reputation and can be the first impression in many cases. It is vital that all members of the team bring your mission to life when they speak about your

company. Passionate employees have statistically shown to drive higher sales, efficiently learn from challenges, uphold their commitment, and create strong relationships. This trait helps the culture of your company to stay strong by encouraging positive growth through conversation and mentoring. Passion is the source of sustainable, long-term performance and a lower turnover rate in your organization. Both of which help you to produce and grow, as well as keep down the costly effects of employee turnover.

The Solution to Finding Passionate Talent:

There are a few standing reasons that organizations struggle to identify passionate talent. First, most companies choose candidates based on work history and skills, not putting enough importance on cultural compatibility. Second, many candidates show excitement for an opportunity during the interview process, whether they feel it is a good fit for them or not. This is where BrightSearch comes in. One of the ways we differentiate ourselves from the average recruiting firm or your in-house recruiter, is that we have the ability to get to know all of our candidates before they are able to have information on a new opportunity. Meaning, we know what they are passionate about before discussing what is on the table. This prevents a candidate from claiming interest in a role out of necessity or pay range instead of true passion.

We schedule a meeting with our candidates so that we can discuss things like their growth plan, what their “dream” companies and opportunities look like, and what + why these

industries/areas spark passion for them. We then know that we are pairing the right candidates to the right organizations, giving everyone a higher success rate for placements. Our main goal is to make the best match possible, to create longevity and success for both the company and the candidate. Because of this process, we are able to guarantee our placements and significantly lower the risk of the wrong hire for your company.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to to schedule a call to hear how we can help you or your internal recruiting team find passionate candidates!

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